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 Information is essential to the development and probably to the long-term survival of any organization. The Information Security Management System involves a series of documents and measures designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and computer data owned by an organization.

The implementation of SR ISO 27001 provides:

  • correct administration and protection of the organization’s information resources;
  • the selection of adequate and proportionate security measures;
  • trust from stakeholders, especially from customers.

Advantages of implementing the Information Security Management System:

  • demonstrating independently that the organization applies and follows existing legislation in the field;
  • provides a competitive advantage by demonstrating to the customers that information security is an objective of utmost importance for the organization;
  • it shall be independently verified whether the organizational risks related to information security are identified, quantified and administered correctly;
  • making available to senior management full data on information security within the organization;
  • the management system helps to monitor and continuously improve the performance of the organization.