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Integrated management system - TQA
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Quality management, environment, occupational health and safety, information security, social resposibility, etc. are areas of interrelated management, each based on similar principles and structures. A certification of integrated management systems is the ideal solution for an organization that wants to implement the Total Quality Management – TQM concept.

Integration of two or more management systems into one integrated management system has the following advantages:

  • Simplify existing management systems;
  • Increasing the benefits of each system;
  • Optimizing the consumption of resources used;
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining multiple management systems;
  • Establish a unique framework for the continuous improvement of all standards.

The integrated management system is a logical and systematic managerial approach that enables optimal strategic and operational decisions to be taken that take into account all the essential aspects that lead to the efficient operation of an organization.

Advantages of implementing an integrated management system:

  • Defining a unitary policy at the management level;
  • Establish processes, environmental issues, product and service quality requirements, risk identification / assessment;
  • Establishing priorities, general and individual goals at the level of each process / person;
  • Establishment of unitary conditions for planning, control, monitoring and measurement activities, audit and verification of corrective / preventive actions;
  • Identifying legal and regulatory requirements for the entire integrated system;
  • Easily adapt to all market changes, customer requirements, new trends and, last but not least, the requirements of the European Union – EU.