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Occupational health and safety management system acc. SR OHSAS 18001/2008 - TQA
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SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 specifies the requirements for a health and safety management system so that the organization can identify and manage the risks associated with its ongoing work to improve performance.

The OHSAS system is applicable to an organization that wants:

  • Establishment of a OH & S management system for identifying, evaluating and minimizing the risks associated with employee activities;
  • Implement and improve an OH & S management system;
  • Compliance with policy and objectives;
  • Compliance with legal requirements in the field of health and safety at work;
  • OH & S Management System Certification.

Benefits of implementing the standard:

  • Improving organization motivation and accepting occupational health and safety requirements for employees;
  • Reducing the number of accidents due to the identification, assessment and minimization of the risks of the activities carried out;
  • Cost reduction by minimizing risks;
  • Legal certainty due to the rigorous application of legal and regulatory requirements in the field of activity;
  • Involving senior management in consulting and protecting employees;
  • Enhanced image and competitive ability through OH & S performance;
  • Low insurance costs.