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Implementation Requirements and Recommendations Provide Requirements and Guidance for Establishing, Implementing, Maintaining and Improving an Anti-Bribery Management System for the ISO 37001/2016 Standard Anti-Bribery Management Systems.

The anti-bribery management system contains requirements that address on the following issues:

  • declaring management commitment to the implementation of anti-bribery policies,
  • adopting a policy and procedures to combat bribery / bribery,
  • training in the fight against bribery,
  • bribery risk assessment of the processes carried out by the organization,
  • implementation of financial control means ,
  • commercial or contractual,
  • as well as procurement,
  • initiation of monitoring and audit procedures leading to a process of continuous improvement.

The advantages of implementing and certifying the ISO 37001 standard:

  • strengthening security measures to combat corruption,
  • improving the overall performance and capabilities of the organization,
  • complying with the legal provisions in force,
  • better image than competition or media,
  • creating a safe working environment,
  • risk assessments for business projects and associates,
  • implementation of financial and commercial safety measures,
  • establishment of reporting and investigation procedures.