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TOTAL Q ARM ΕΠΕ – Hellenic certification , headquartered in the beautiful northern part of Greece-Thessaloniki and branch in Bucharest-Romania, with the sole object of conformity certification as follows:

In a dynamic business environment, tough competition where special quality requirements are deep implemented in our life, with deadlines for performing and delivering products and services, with trends and opportunities that arise daily, the organizations need a trustfully and reliable documented management system.

Our certification body is the guarantor of a modern performance management system for products & services quality standards, imposed by the current economic climate.

Management system certification is certainty that the products and services provided by organizations fully comply with the set of best practice standards required by ISO series, being a must in ensuring and maintaining production traceability.

Implementing a modern and reliable management system procedures and conformity certification must be zero priority of all successfully top managers.


To exist together in the future with our clients by sharing our knowledge with them.


Highly professional services which enhance the satisfaction of our customers and all those interested in the results of our business; Creating an image of seriousness and professionalism in the market.


The services carried out by Total Q Arm EPE are maintained in accordance with the needs of the certificated organizations and their customers.All the services are offered within the legal requirements and to be applicable and realistic.In order to provide these, our policy is:

  • To carry out our assessment activities in accordance with ISO 17021, the scope of accreditation, and requirements of ISO 19011,
  • To evaluate all the applications and accomplish our services in determined assessment duration’s within the framework of procedures applied equally to all organizations ,
  • To provide sufficient number of qualified personnel, to improve the qualifications of our employees by sharing all the new topics with them,
  • To follow the actual developments and inform the related parties about the subjects within the scope of our services,
  • To realize our services in a way that lead to continuous improvement.

  • Improvement in management and operation control; effective and systematic information flow to top management,
  • Clarify the responsibilities and tasks and improvement in business performance,
  • Better definition and analyses of processes within the company,
  • Improvement in productivity, quality and the processes within the company,
  • Increased customer satisfaction,
  • Cost reduction due to the lack of quality by reducing the recycling and waste costs,
  • Increase in the quality of information, flowing to management with respect to production performance,
  • Clearly defined responsibilities for quality and increased consciousness about quality.